Michael Kelly
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Michael Kelly is founder of GIY. He is an Ashoka fellow, and a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland and Arthur Guinness Fund awardee. Michael is a member of the TASTE Council of Ireland and lives in rural Waterford with his wife and two children. He has written three books on food and self-sufficiency - "GROW COOK EAT", “Trading Paces” and “Tales from the Home Farm”, and has written columns on food for The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, The Evening Echo, and Food & Wine Magazine.

Food Hero: Michael Kelly, founder of Grow It Yourself

Despite the spatial constraints of urban growing, Ireland’s GROW HQ project seeks to reveal the importance of empathy in our relationship with food.

Food Hero: GROW HQ, Urban Food Empathy Center, Builds Local Food Movement in Ireland

In the context of food empathy, urban food growing is not a waste of time – it’s the silver bullet.

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