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New Study Finds Potential Health Benefits of Consuming Organic Meats and Milk

A new meta-analysis finds that omega-3 intake from organic animal products might confer measurable health benefits.

Food Systems Innovators from Around the World Compete for Food+City’s Challenge Prize

Food+City seeks innovative solutions to food systems issues through the annual Challenge Prize.

Cheap Food Is More Expensive Than You May Think

The True Cost of American Food Conference\’94 will discuss the human health and environmental costs of food and agriculture.

New Report Examines the Links Between Energy, Food, and Water to Propose Policy Solutions

A new report on the Energy-Food-Water nexus examines vulnerabilities and determines policy solutions to strengthen the system.

Who Really Runs America? According to Richard Manning, Industrial Agricultural Has the Final Say

Richard Manning’s latest article in Harper’s Magazine reveals how politics are powerless to the demands of industrial agriculture.

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