Nicolas Giroux
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Young French passionate about sustainable agriculture, Nicolas has an international background in business and cooperation.

Young Agricultural Professionals Are Driving Agricultural Development

Rebeca Souza, YPARD Representative in Brazil, gives her opinion about what will engage more young people in agriculture.

Food to Share: Incredible Edible Takes Root in France

In France, gardeners are making another revolution—they’re planting food to share in their communities.

ROC United Unmasks the National Restaurant Association

ROC United denounces the detrimental lobbying activities of the National Restaurant Association and calls upon Congress to stop accepting its corporate cash.

Food Hero: John Reganold, Sustainable Food and Farm Educator Winner of the Growing Green Awards 2014

John Reganold has played an important role in transforming U.S. agriculture through education.

PlantCatching is the Airbnb of Gardening

It’s not always easy to get into gardening when living in a city. PlantCatching has been created to help gardeners connect and overcome this difficulty.

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