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Niyati is a graduate of the Master of Development Practice program from the University of Waterloo, Canada, where she studied global sustainable development from an interdisciplinary perspective. She has particular interests in exploring how power, policy, and civil movements influence socially and environmentally conscious consumption. She is also ever fascinated by the food ways of cultures and civilizations through time and space.

Farmer Friday: An Interview with Adi Kumbruka on Ecological Farming

Kondh subsistence farmer Adi Kumbruka of Odisha, India talks to Food Tank about living interdependently with the land and forests and the importance of mixed-crop farming.

Confronting a Global Epidemic of Obesity and Disease: An Interview with Jack Fisher

Food Tank talks to Jack Fisher of NCDFREE. NCDFREE is a global nonprofit that uses social and creative media, and educational and collaborative events to mobilize world citizens and push for change in the battle against noncommunicable diseases.

Where Wilderness Meets the Farm: An Interview with Jungle Organics

Kaavya Varma’s Jungle Organics products are grown by small farmers in Uttarakhand on organic fields that allow the free movement of wildlife.

The Wireless Garden of Edyn: Changing How Gardeners Grow Food

The Edyn Garden Sensor uses the Internet to monitor changes occurring in a garden, so the gardener knows precisely what is needed for her plants to flourish.

20 Native North American Foods with Stories to Tell

Twenty indigenous North American crops important to the histories and cultures of Native Americans and early settlers.

NRDC’s Auntie Biotic Petitions for KFC to Reform its Antibiotics Policies

NRDC’s chicken mascot Auntie Biotic petitions to push KFC to stop sourcing chickens that are routinely fed antibiotics even in good health.

World Environment Day Calls for Conscious Consumption #WED2016

World Environment Day 2016 brings attention to unprecedented levels of illegal wildlife trade. Learn how our food choices are affecting the wildlife industry.

Is it Possible to Grow Spinach Locally and Year-Round?

How can we grow spinach year-round while conserving land, water, and food miles? Check out this How Does it Grow episode to find out.

The First 1,000 Days by Roger Thurow: Eliminating Global Malnutrition 1,000 Days at a Time

Roger Thurow’s The First 1,000 Days follows 12 women from 4 countries as they struggle to provide the best care for their babies in the crucial first 1000 days.

Open Agriculture Initiative: Is Digital Farming the Future of Food?

MIT Open Agriculture Initiative is on a mission to digitalize agriculture using desktop Personal Food Computers and carefully engineered climate recipes.

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