Robert Nathan Allen
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In 2012 Robert Nathan Allen, or RNA as most call him, got a video his Mom sent about eating bugs, while he was bartending in Austin. He took it a bit too seriously & founded Little Herds in 2013 as an educational resource to the public on the nutritional & environmental benefits of insect agriculture. He helped start the first farming & processing operation in the US growing insects & turning them into food ingredients; co-founded trade group The North American Coalition for Insect Agriculture; & produced The Future of Food @ SXSW 2021. During the pandemic he has worked on emergency food access & meal delivery programs in Austin for vulnerable & hard-to-reach people. He regularly consults with companies & organizations interested in the growing BugAg sector & is an industry expert for a variety of publications & media outlets including NPR, Reuters, Associated Press, NatGeo, Washington Post, Pacific Standard, Newsweek, PopSci, Entrepreneur, Food Network, CNBC, Food Tank and more.

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