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Soapberries: A Not-So-Sweet Dessert

While most berries are sweet, soapberries are actually the opposite. Sour soapberries make a unique dessert.

Indigenous Crop: Uncovering Blue Camas

Underneath a Garry oak tree lies the blue camas, a semi-agricultural plant of the Coastal First Peoples.

Indigenous Crop: Chanterelle Mushrooms, the Golden Goodness

The chanterelle mushroom is a forest dweller that grows throughout the world and comes in all shapes and sizes.

Digging a Green House: Walipini

This underground greenhouse will have you growing tomatoes all year round.

Farm to School: Putting Some Crunch in Your Lunch

A simple idea that has a big impact, farm to school brings local produce into school lunch programs and gives children an extra crunch in their lunch.

Indigenous Crop: Yellow Dock, Medicine Masquerading as Weed

Yellow dock is seen as a common weed in many people’s backyards, but Haida First Nations have been using it as medicine for centuries.

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