Aksel Nærstad
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Aksel Nærstad is the Senior Policy Advisor for the Development Fund, a Norwegian environmental and development NGO. Nærstad is also the International Co-Coordinator of the More and Better Network, an international network supporting food, agriculture, and rural development to eradicate hunger and poverty. He is also the author and editor of books on environmental and development issues.

Support and Promote the 4‰ Initiative

The French government launched an important initiative that should be supported and promoted – the 4‰ Initiative.

International Permaculture Conference: Designing the World We Want

600 people came together in London to discuss permaculture, agriculture, and more.

African Green Revolution Forum 2013: Good examples and policies within a bad model

The African Green Revolution Forum addressed scaling up agribusiness through public-private partnerships, but where were the smallholder farmers?

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