Alberta Guerra and Tristan Quinn-Thibodeau
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Alberta Guerra is a senior policy analyst at ActionAid USA and an expert in global food policies, focusing on right to food, land rights, agroecology, and global governance. She also serves as ActionAid’s liaison with the Committee on World Food Security, IFAD, and FAO in Rome. Tristan Quinn-Thibodeau is a National Campaigner at ActionAid USA focusing on biofuels, land rights, and food sovereignty. He works with grassroots organizations and allies through national networks and coalitions to build support for land, food, energy, and climate policies that work for communities and families.

Why Agroecology, not Agribusiness, Will Save Our Food System

The global food system needs transforming. Family farmers can get us there, through agroecology and the equitable use of resources.

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