Alexandra Popescu
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Alex is a journalist with a background combining environmental science, public policy, and European studies. In recent years, she has been documenting food security, climate change, and the impact of agricultural supply chains on the environment in Latin America and Europe for international organizations and media outlets across several continents. In the last decade she has been writing and editing for National Geographic Magazine in Romania and she’s currently coordinating communications for the Global Landscapes Forum, a multi-dialogue platform for building sustainable landscapes. She has a MSc in Environmental Change and Management from the University of Oxford. Working in kitchens in London and Mexico has drawn her to explore what happens to food from field to fork and how people relate to what they eat. If she’s not working, you will find her on the road or planning travel, cooking, and touring coffee shops. You can see some of her past work (and more to come) at

Food Doing Good: Putting Sustainability on Plates in the U.K.

The Sustainable Restaurant Association challenges food businesses in the U.K. to take the lead on sustainability by cutting meat, food waste, and single-use plastic from their plates

A Set Menu for Europe? Building a Food Policy that Brings Everybody to the Same Table

The European Union urgently needs a common food policy to build sustainable food systems, says a recent report from the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food). This shared policy would provide a common direction for food and farming systems in the Union, which suffer at all levels under the current model of production and agriculture.

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