Tamar Stollman
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Tamar Stollman is a Food Tank Intern and a passionate advocate for Food Justice. Rooted in ideas of equity, inclusion, and justice, Tamar is a devoted researcher and advocate for food and climate justice, both locally and internationally. During the completion of a dual B.A. in Political Science and International Social Justice at UMass Amherst, Tamar wrote a senior thesis highlighting food justice organizations operating in Western Massachusetts. She continues to delve into food systems and organizations through her work at FoodTank, harnessing food as a mechanism to bring people together to solve complicated social problems.

Serving Up Success: Chefs in Schools Transforming NYC’s Public School Lunches

Over the next two years, the 62 WITS chefs will reach all 1,200 public schools in NYC. The chefs have already begun training cafeteria staff, sampling recipes with students, and teaching students how to make the lunches.

Empowering Municipalities for Climate-Resilient Food Security in Canada

After winning the Smart Cities Challenge, the County of Wellington implemented two pilot programs to reinforce climate-resilient food security.

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