Amialya Durairaj
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Amialya is a contributing writer for Food Tank. She has a Master of Science in Nutrition and Food Studies from George Mason University. Recently, she published her research on gender and food security in Uganda in the Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition. She is currently a San Diego based freelance writer in the health and food niche. Read more at

Diabetes is on the Rise in India: Is Fast Food to Blame?

The fast-food industry in India is rapidly growing while 73 million Indians have diabetes, and this number is set to nearly double by 2045. How can the Indian government turn the tide on this public health crisis?

Camel Meat: From the Australian Outback to the American Midwest

Over the last twenty years, an spike in immigration from Somalia has had a surprising outcome for the American food system: an increased market for camel meat. This article explores the intricate connections for food economics that underlie this new market.

How Climate Change is Impacting Vermont’s Maple Sugar Industry

Maple sugar is a vital part of the Vermont economy. But have unseasonably warm winters hurt the maple industry? We tap into the future of liquid gold in the green mountain state.

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