Andrea Bianchi
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Andrea Bianchi has a bachelor degree in Agricultural Sciences-Agritechnology for Land and Environment and is working on a thesis for Master in Plant Production and Protection Sciences at Milan University. In 2017, he attended the winter school in Food Security at the Italian Institute for International Political Studies and won the third prize at the Student Case Study Competition organized by the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition and Wageningen University & Research, during the European Association of Agricultural Economists Congress in Parma. Andrea is passionate about agroecology, healthy food systems, and innovation and sustainability in agriculture and wants to contribute to ending hunger and help people understand the deep connections between food, environment, and sustainable development.

Opinion | Our Crops Don’t Need More Carbon Dioxide

Our global capacity to achieve food security will strongly depend on how crops and agroecosystems will be impacted by climate change. Unfortunately, rising levels of atmospheric CO2 will have more negative than positive effects on our food systems.

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