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Ben Lilliston has a Bachelor of Philosophy degree from University of Miami (Ohio). He previously served as IATP’s Communications Director and Vice President for Programs. He has worked as a researcher, writer and editor at a number of organizations including the Center for Study of Responsive Law, the Corporate Crime Reporter, Multinational Monitor, Cancer Prevention Coalition and Sustain. He’s a frequently published writer, most recently as a contributor to Mandate for Change (Lexington), and previously as the co-author of the book Genetically Engineered Foods: A Guide for Consumers (Avalon).

When Climate Change Was Part of the Farm Bill

Last month, Congress held initial hearings to inform the 2018 Farm Bill. Agriculture Committee members heard about the struggling farm economy, crop insurance, and rural development. One issue that wasn’t discussed, despite its profound impact on farmers, is climate change. Both Republican…

Climate Risk, Loss and Damage in North Carolina

The big hog and poultry operations in North Carolina fit almost any definition of climate risk.

How the TPP Undermines Climate Change Goals for Agriculture

The global food system, including agricultural production and associated land use, is responsible for one-third of global greenhouse gases.

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