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Beth Hoffman has been reporting on food and agriculture for more than ten years, airing on NPR, The World, Latino USA, Living on Earth. She studied the food system in depth as a fellow and co-lecturer in the Africa Reporting Project at UC Berkeley’s School of Journalism and completed several documentary projects, including a year cooking with immigrant women in their homes and telling their stories. Contact her at @BethFoodAg.

New FDA ‘Rules’ Not Likely To Reduce Antibiotic Use On Farm

New FDA “rules” announced Wednesday regarding antibiotic use on farm are a bit of a bait and switch.

How The Law You Never Heard Of Could Affect Everything You Eat

President Obama updated the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and the new rules will go into law Nov 30th.

Putting The ‘Health’ Back In Health Insurance

A Minneapolis health insurance company is working with grocery stores, employers, and food companies to bring 200,000 households healthier food for less money.

U.S. Hispanics Buy More Groceries At Convenience Stores Than Non-Hispanics, Study Finds

Recent studies reveal that Hispanics in the United States are more likely to grocery shop at convenience stores than other demographics.

‘Organic’ One Of The Most Confusing Labels, Report Says

The label “organic” is one of the most confusing for consumers, says a new report by the Natural Foods Merchandiser.

People Don’t Understand What ‘Organic’ Means, But They Want It Anyway

Guest contributor Beth Hoffman shares a new report, released earlier this year, that argues that the public has no idea why they are buying organic products.

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