Charlie Worthington and Davine Minayo
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Charlie Worthington is Food Systems Lead at Consumers International, the membership organisation for more than 200 consumer groups in over 100 countries worldwide. Charlie co-ordinates projects and campaigns on issues including food security, safety, sustainability, and nutrition, and works to ensure that the consumer voice is represented on the international stage.

Davine Minayo is the Project Manager for the ‘Consumer Voice for Fair Food Prices’ project at Consumers International. Davine is a value chain and market systems development professional with a vast experience in facilitating access to inputs, markets, finance and advocating for enabling environment for food trade in the East Africa region. She has previously been part of the technical committee for harmonisation of staple food standards across the EAC as well as development of regulations for Warehouse Receipting System in Kenya.

Op-Ed: Unfair Food Prices Are Driving Hunger and Malnutrition in Africa—But Solutions Are in Reach

Even as food prices on the international market decline, the prices paid by consumers continue to soar. Meanwhile, many food companies are announcing record profits.

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