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Vermont Law Takes On Food Waste

Vermont combates food waste and goes further than any other state to integrate composting into the state’s waste management plan.

Ireland Developing Many Initiatives for Preventing Food Waste

Ireland is tackling food waste head-on by providing food waste prevention tools and education to companies and individuals.

Seven South and Central American Initiatives Empowering Women

Women Deliver 2013: Food Tank highlights seven innovations in Central and South America improving food security and empowering women.

Seven North American Initiatives Empowering Women

These seven initiatives across North America are working to protect gender equality and encourage women’s participation in agriculture and the food system.

Oxfam, IF Campaign, and Fairtrade Foundation Advocate for Family Farmers

This International Year of Family Farming post features three international campaigns that educate consumers about the importance of smallholder farmers.

Youth Fighting Food Waste on College Campuses

U.S. universities are adopting policies that reduce campus food waste and divert surplus waste to composting or food banks.

FANRPAN: Engaging and Integrating Youth Into Policy Decision Making

FANRPAN, based in South Africa, is doing innovative work engaging engaging a variety of stakeholders, including young people to improve global food security

New Law in Bolivia Directed at Supporting and Empowering Family Farmers

In January of 2013, Bolivian President Evo Morales signed a new law that declared that family farming is of “public and national interest.”

Cooperative Small-Scale Farming Movements Make Strides Around the World

This International Year of Family Farming series post features three small farmer groups that are helping farmers to succeed by pooling knowledge and resources.

Protecting Bees: The European Union to Vote on Proposal to Ban Common Insecticides

European Union to vote during March 14-15th meeting on a proposal to ban the use of three common crop insecticides due to their harmful impacts on bees.

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