Chiara Cecchini & Tess Rolim Pereira
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Chiara Cecchini has a MSc in International Management (ICN Business School, France), a MSc in International Relations (MGIMO University, Moscow), and a MSc in Food Innovation (UniMoRe, Italy). In the last years she has been managing International Project in the Future Food Institute, is a selected member of Barilla Center Food Nutrition  Foundation and Unleash, and has been selected for being a Research Affiliate at Institute For The Future. Chiara currently works as a Research Scholar at U.C. Davis, building the first comprehensive Internet of Food, leveraging the intersection between food systems and AI to digitalize and create a semantic enables food care.
 Tess Pereira’s personal and professional mission is to empower others through food and technology. She earned her B.A. in Political Science and International Development at McGill University, focusing on entomophagy (eating insects) as a sustainable way to improve livelihoods by promoting food security and income diversification. She later studied at UniMoRe, earning a Masters in Food Innovation, where her research related to how we might leverage blockchain technology to incentivize higher quality food production and a more transparent food supply chain. Tess currently works at MLG Blockchain Consulting. She is also the organizer of the Women in Blockchain Washington, DC meetup.