Daniel Moss
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Daniel Moss is the Co-Director of the Agroecology Fund.

Agroecology Movements Turn Digitization on its Head

Grassroots agroecology movements want to know how they can use digitalization to strengthen farmers’ understanding of the ecosystems where they work?

Teaching Agroecology in the Himalayan Foothills

Navandya’s organic farm encourages a mix of ancestral and modern farming techniques through the practice of agroecology. At the heart of their work is the observation that the green revolution has destroyed traditional knowledge that previously guided Indian farming communities.

Free from Debt and Suicide: India’s Natural Farmers

Ashlesha Khadse’s friends in Bangalore’s hi-tech boom are sometimes envious of her work. It’s true that they have their weekends free, but being immersed in a David and Goliath fight for a fair food system seems like pretty meaty stuff.…

Why a Public Sector Indian Agronomist Embraced Agroecology

Daniel Moss is the Executive Director of the AgroEcology Fund. He writes on food, water, and human rights topics for National Geographic, Huffington Post, and other media outlets. Dr. Carl Rangad was something of a lone wolf among agronomists and…

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