Danielle Nierenberg
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Danielle Nierenberg is President of Food Tank and an expert on sustainable agriculture and food issues. She has written extensively on gender and population, the spread of factory farming in the developing world and innovations in sustainable agriculture.

How Smallholder Farmer Access to ICTs are Improving Farming

The Global Forum on Agricultural Research is working to improve access to ICT technologies for better farming.

Helping the Food and Restaurant Industry Take the High Road

Despite it’s monumental size and profitability, the restaurant industry still contains six of the ten lowest paying jobs in the United States.

Earth Day: Promoting Urban Revitalization and Green Cities

Earth Day is an annual celebration of the planet’s biodiversity and an opportunity to highlight solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Edible Institute: Bringing Together Leaders for a Better Food System

Food Tank highlight five of the many Edible publications who are a voice for the good food movement. Join us at the Edible institute May 10-11!

Six Innovative Initiatives that are Working to Strengthen Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture

Food Tank and GFAR highlight six innovative projects and initiatives that are working to strengthen women’s empowerment in agriculture.

Cesar Chavez, an American Hero

Here are five critical campaigns fighting for the rights of workers in the food system and continuing Chavez’s legacy for social justice and fair wages for all.

More Crop Per Drop

On World Water Day this year, Food Tank honors the projects, people, and programs working tirelessly to achieve more with less water.

Food Tank’s Spring Reading List

Food Tank has hand-picked 16 books that have educated, inspired, and informed us for your spring reading list.

Calling all Food Heroes! World Food Prize Nominations 2014

Who has made an exceptional, significant, individual achievement in transforming the food system? Food Tank wants to know–please share your nominations with us

Celebrating the Potential of Permaculture

Food Tank highlights ten projects that embrace permaculture practices worldwide. In March, permaculture experts will gather for the Permaculture Voices event.

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