David Aylward
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David Aylward is the President of COMCARE, and Senior Advisor, Global Health and Technology, at Ashoka, the 30 year old international network of social entrepreneurs. David is currently leading initiatives intended to increase the wellness/vitality of disadvantaged people (not just provide sickcare). These involve creating new sustainable collaborations of citizen, public, and private organizations, enabled by modern medical diagnostics and information and communications technologies, especially wireless. These person-centered and community-based approaches include a major focus on full nourishment, “door step” primary health, sanitation, mental health, empowering people on these matters, and other key contributors to wellness and human capacity. www.ashoka.org; www.nutrientsforall.org; www.healthforallgroup.com.

Three Questions with David Aylward, Senior Advisor on Global Health and Technology at Ashoka

Food Tank recently had the opportunity to speak with David Aylward from Ashoka, who will be speaking at the 1st Annual Food Tank Summit on January 21-22, 2015.

“Modern” Food and High Blood Pressure

David Aylward of Ashoka envisions a future when you will be able to measure your nutritional status with a smart phone

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