Dr. Mona Chaya, Dr. Tao Xiang, Dr. Baogen Gu, and Ashley Green
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Dr. Mona S. Chaya is currently Deputy Strategic Programme leader of the Strategic Program “Make Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry more productive and sustainable” at FAO. Dr Tao Xiang is associate professor at Northeastern University, China. Dr. Baogen Gu is a specialist in pest and pesticide management. Ashley Green is currently a PhD Student at ETH Zurich and Agroscope, developing methods to understand nutritional and environmental aspects of agri-food production systems.

Impact of Climate Change on Pests and Diseases of Cassava Crop

Cassava is an important staple crop in many countries around the world and is crucial for food security. But climate change makes the staple crop vulnerable to pests and diseases.

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