Elliott Brennan & Miranda Carver Martin
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Elliott is a farmer and a Research & Writing Fellow at Food Tank. His research interests include global food security and the role of agriculture in economic development. He has a B.A. in English from Yale University. Miranda is a Research & Writing Fellow for Food Tank. Miranda's interest in food systems originated while she studied anthropology at George Mason University. During the three years after graduating, she worked at a research organization focused on the wellbeing of children and youth, where her project work introduced her to topics including healthy schools legislation, school nutrition, and healthy eating programs. Miranda is also active with food-focused organizations in Washington, D.C., volunteering with farmers' markets and interning with a school-based food education program for elementary schoolers.

Youth as the Future of the Global Food System

Speakers at the 2018 Global Food Security Symposium on “Youth for Growth” discuss following the lead of youth and farmers in food and agriculture.

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