Emily Nink
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Emily is a masters candidate of the Agriculture, Food and Environment program at the Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy in Boston. She received a BA in Spanish and a BS in Global Environmental Change and Sustainability from Johns Hopkins University, where she was involved in many food sustainability projects including the creation of a community garden and leadership of the student group Real Food Hopkins, a chapter of the national Real Food Challenge. Emily worked for three years as a research assistant at the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, researching food policy councils, writing curriculum for the Baltimore Food and Faith Project, and contributing to literature reviews and other scientific analyses.

Emily’s diverse academic interests include urban food policy and food system mapping, urban agriculture and community gardening, and sustainable supply chains. Her senior thesis at JHU explored heirloom tomato production in Maryland, and her current research focuses on sensory attributes of local produce in Massachusetts. She has contributed as a consultant to interdisciplinary projects and continues to be involved with Real Food Challenge. Through her masters degree at Tufts, she hopes to continue to learn from and contribute to the scholarship of a more sustainable food system, finding innovative solutions to complex system flaws, and increasing through investigation our knowledge of the intricate relationships between public health and the health of the environment.

Scientists To Debate Ecological Intensification

Scientists and researchers from around the world will come together for a three-week forum on the subject of ecological intensification.

Red Meat and Processed Meat May Lead to Cancer, Study Shows

Red meat and processed meat may increase cancer risk over time.

Scientists Debate Safety of Glyphosate

The European Food Safety Authority, in contradiction to a previous report from the World Health Organization, declared glyphosate to be safe.

21 Organizations Fighting for Labor Rights in the Food System

From warehouse packers to waiters, food system workers are getting a bad deal.

ShareTheMeal: Crowdsolving Global Hunger

ShareTheMeal allows smartphone users to donate meals to hungry children around the world.

Exclusive Food Tank Event: The Real Cost of Food

Food Tank will host an exclusive event on True Cost Accounting coinciding with the release of a new report. Register for the free livestream NOW!

Mars Food Commits to 100 Percent Sustainable Rice By 2020

Mars Food is the first to commit to a new standard for sustainable rice production.

Panera Bread Commits to Cage-Free Eggs by 2020

Panera Bread will phase out cages from its egg supply chains by 2020.

Agricultural Growth Corridors Proposed in Dakar

Senegal may convert large areas of land to agriculture through a growth corridor concept.

Tell the Presidential Candidates to Devise a National Food Policy

Demand a National Food Policy to save farms, protect public health, and reduce inequality in the food system.