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Trestle Group Foundation, Connecting Women Entrepreneurs in Developing Economies

Trestle Group Foundation is paving the way for growth, job creation, and innovation for women entrepreneurs in developing economies.

Innovation for Sustainability: Sahara Forest Project Uses Sand, Sunlight to Produce Food and Water

The Sahara Forest Project is using abundant desert resources to create sustainable food production systems.

The Trestle Group Foundation Builds Better Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs

By pairing women entrepreneurs in developing economies with leading business professionals, The Trestle Group Foundation fosters growth and innovation.

Five Examples of Successful Urban Agriculture Done Differently Around the World

Five examples of urban agriculture from around the globe demonstrate how small-scale and local agriculture in cities do more than just grow food.

Call for Submissions to Food Banks and Emergency Food Provision Journal

A special edition of an Emerald Journal calls for submissions regarding food banks and emergency food provision for 2014.

The Powerful Potential of SoilIQ for Kenyan Farmers

SoilIQ, a plug-in for Android phones, may be the device to improve crop production and improve income for Kenyan farmers.

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