Emma Orlow
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Emma Orlow is a writer, a creative food art strategist, and cultural event producer focused on using art for food justice. She is the founder of Scratch 'n Sniff Studio, pop-ups that activate food spaces with art experiences and related food consulting work. She was named Brooklyn Magazine's 30 under 30 for 2018.

Opinion | Foraging in the Wake of #MeToo

While #MeToo unveils a history of sexual assault and misconduct in restaurants, female foragers feel varying effects in their workplaces: outside, in the woods.

On New York’s Governor’s Island: An Artists’ Utopia Designs For Climate Change

On New York’s Governors Island, one artist is designing models for how the city can better respond to impending climate change, which could potentially make more equitable infrastructure for years to come.

Apiary Joins Farming and Artist Communities

Artists are the new food activists at Honey Fingers, where they keep beekeeping alive through honeycomb installation art, poetry, and terroir bottled honey.

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