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Gerard Pozzi is an undergraduate student at Hamilton College and the President of his campus Slow Food Chapter and Italian Club. Gerard recently studied in a Food and Sustainability Program at the Umbra Institute in Perugia, Italy. Pozzi maintains a blog, Scrumptious Words, where he shares culinary experiences, but also discusses food-related issues facing the world. Find him on LinkedIn.

Food Recovery in Marin County, California

ExtraFood works to end hunger and minimize food waste in Marin County, where approximately 50,000 people are unsure of where their next meal will come from.

Project Green Challenge 2016 Sparks Change

Project Green Challenge consists of 30 days of environmentally-themed challenges to encourage environmental stewardship amongst students and future generations.

Leket Israel: A Role Model Food Bank

Leket Israel covers all aspects of food recovery, gathering fresh and high-quality food items that would otherwise be destined for landfill and redistributing to those in need.

Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein on Health and the Microbiome

Food Tank had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein, a pediatric neurologist, herbalist, urban farmer, naturalist, and author of The Dirt Cure.

Interview with Thomas McQuillan of Baldor Specialty Foods

Food Tank had the opportunity to speak with Thomas McQuillan of Baldor Specialty Foods about the company\’92s sustainability efforts.

Chris Malloy on Our Relationship with Food

Director Chris Malloy discusses Patagonia Provision\’92s new film, “Unbroken Ground,” and our role in being stewards of the land.

Italian Study Comforts Pasta Lovers

A recent study at the Instituto Neurologico Mediterraneo Neuromed in Pozzilli, Italy, states that pasta consumption is negatively associated with obesity.

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