Janina Grabs
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Janina Grabs is a policy analyst passionate about creating the legislative and economic frameworks that foster sustainable food systems. She is currently a Mercator Fellow on International Affairs, and is working with the German development cooperation (GIZ) and the Costa Rican government on low emission coffee production and climate-smart agriculture. Previously, she contributed to the review of the European Commission’s organic farming legislation in Brussels. She also writes the blog Food (Policy) for Thought. She has a M.Sc. in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis from the University of Bonn and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and a B.A. (Hon.) in Political Science from McGill University.

How Kenneth Lander and THRIVE Farmers Are Revolutionizing the Coffee Supply Chain

THRIVE Farmers International co-founder Kenneth Lander briefs Food Tank on his organization’s revolutionary changes to the coffee marketplace.

Las Lajas: The Micro-Coffee Mill Proving that Small Is Beautiful

On the hunt for truly sustainable coffee, micro-entrepreneurs are combining high quality and environmental protection. Find out how!

Costa Rica’s Pineapple Monopoly Not So Sweet

Costa Rica supplies 60 percent of worldwide pineapple exports—yet it also creates environmental problems that are increasingly hard to ignore.

High Food Prices and Obesity in Costa Rica

Costa Ricans spend around 30 percent of their annual income on food and drinks and obesity rates reach 70 percent.

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