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Comaco Brings Markets and Hope to Zambian Farmers – and Wildlife

COMACO is promoting both food security and wildlife conservation in Zambia’s Luangwa Valley.

Refugee Farmers Growing Hope in Iowa

With the help of a grant from the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, refugees in Iowa with farming backgrounds are working to get back into agriculture

Study: Crop Yield Trends Not on Track to Meet Global Demand in 2050

A new study warns that global production of food crops is not increasing quickly enough to meet the world’s projected needs in 2050.

FAO Promotes New Agroforestry Rules

The U. N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says new rules and policies will need to be implemented around the world in order to fully realize agroforestr

University of Washington Professor Works to End Landlessness

Professor Roy Prosterman of the University of Washington has been advocating for the cause of the rural poor in the developing world since the 1960s.

Food Waste Fighter: An Interview with Jonathan Bloom

In this Food Tank interview, Jonathan Bloom explains why the issue of food waste is important, and what is being done about it.

Western Indian Farmers Suffer in Drought

One of India’s largest states is suffering from extreme drought, putting the food security of millions at risk.

Food Hero Series: Ruth Oniang’o, Kenya’s Voice for Nutrition

Kenya’s Ruth Oniang’o, a renowned leader in food and nutrition issues, has been working to improve nutrition for women in Africa for decades.

India Risks Losing Native Cattle Breeds

India is famous for its native cattle. But, thanks to cross-breeding with non-native dairy cattle breeds, India risks losing its genetic heritage for good.

California’s Full Belly Farm Proving That Organic Family Farms Can Also Be Profitable

Full Belly Farm is an innovative example of a small farming enterprise that has pioneered the use of organic agriculture and agricultural diversity.

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