Maeve Kennedy
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Maeve Kennedy is a research assistant in Melbourne. She has a background in international development and is currently studying sustainable agriculture.

A Day in the Life of Aussie Family Farmers

Food Tank chats with Jess and Matt Fealy, Australian family farmers who made the move from the city twelve months ago, about a day in the life of a family farm.

Family Farming Down Under

Despite increasing pressure to corporatize, family farming remains the primary source of agricultural production in Australia.

Reducing Postharvest Loss on the Ground: Interview with Noel Valentin Mulinda

Noel Valentin Mulinda sits down with us to discuss how postharvest technologies are helping Rwandan farmers achieve higher yields.

Bottom-up Sustainability in Australia’s Livestock Industry

Despite a challenging macroeconomic and political context, sheep and cattle farmers in Australia are building a sustainable industry by 2020 through Target 100.

Grassroots Approach to Reducing Global Food Losses: Interview with Dr. Lisa Kitinoja

Dr. Lisa Kitinoja, founder of The Postharvest Education Foundation, sits down with Food Tank to discuss a grassroots approach to reducing postharvest food loss.

Food Security and Climate Change: “No One Will Escape the Consequences”

A report released today by the Chicago Council, addressing food security in a changing climate, calls for immediate and enduring action from the United States.

“Battle for the Capitol” ROC United’s 2014 Week of Action

Join the fight for better working conditions in the restaurant industry and show your support for a more sustainable food system.

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