Marina Cherbonnier
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Marina Cherbonnier is YPARD Web and Communications manager and part of the YPARD Global Coordination Unit, based in Rome, since 2011. She studied Information and Documentation Sciences in France and completed a Masters in ICT4D (Information and Communications Technologies for Development) at the University of Manchester in 2010. She also received her B.A. in French and Ancient Literature (Latin and Greek). She was an intern at CTA, Wageningen for one year in the ICT4D Department in 2008, and International Volunteer in charge of the management of the media libraries of the three centres of the Alliance Francaise-Lagos in Ikoji, Yaba and Ikeja, in 2009. Follow @MarinaDev, on Twitter. Website:

Youth, Innovation, and the Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out an aspirational vision for more sustainable food systems by 2030.

Unleashing Your Social Media Powers for Agriculture!

Have you considered the power of social media in contributing to agricultural development? Here are some online social media teams you might want to join.

Active Youths’ take home messages – how to involve our peers in landscapes approaches

“We now have the largest youth generation in human history. What do we do with this restless generation?” Reflections from Global Landscapes Forum in Poland.

Geeks and Agriculture Lovers Unite!

The GCARD2 Social Reporting Team is at the root of an ever-growing organic movement.

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