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Michael Major is a science communicator at the Crop Trust, an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to conserving and making available crop diversity. Michael has worked for 35 years as an agricultural communicator in five continents. He holds a Master of Science degree in agricultural journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica for two years.

Opinion | The Last Crop Before the Desert

Breeders from ICARDA are using a crop’s wild cousins to develop barley varieties that can survive on the fringes of the desert.

Selection by Stone

“We are working with more than 20 farmers around Morocco in a range of agro-ecological zones and will also expand some of our outputs to Senegal, Ethiopia, and Lebanon to achieve the best possible solutions for the barley, lentil, and durum wheat systems,” Filippo says.

Opinion | Beyond Hummus

There’s little doubt that chickpea farmers will be sorely challenged by the extremes caused by climate change. But if we find a place at the dinner table for wild relatives, there will be enough hummus, chana masala, and farinata di ceci to go around.

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