Rebecca Carden
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Sustainable Fishing Improves Women’s Health in Madagascar

Local conservationists in Madagascar have found a link between conserving their fisheries and increasing women’s reproductive health.

Working with GFAR, Young Agri-professionals Become Global Leaders

Young agriculturalists speak out about why youth are not attracted to careers in farming and how to change that trend.

Japanese Professor Uses Fermentation for Soil Enrichment

Japanese Professor Teruo Higa is fermenting food waste—and adding it to the garden to boost productivity.

Feces Can Change the World: Using Human Excreta as Fertilizer

Waste management and soil scientists meet to discuss using human excretion to fertilize farms and gardens.

Bivalves in the Five Boroughs: A History of Oysters in New York City

Where there were once buckets of bivalves, New York harbor is now home to a small, toxic oyster population. Long Island fisheries step in to fill the demand.

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