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Could Sustainable Intensification Create a Food Secure Future for Africa?

A Montpellier Panel report calls for the scaling up of sustainable intensification in African agriculture to feed a growing population.

Food Hero: LaDonna Redmond, Founder of Campaign for Food Justice Now

Food justice is about more than just nutrition: it’s about social justice and the reform of the food system as part of a larger socio-political context.

118 Twitter Feeds Every Food Activist Needs to Follow

Food Tank has chosen 118 Twitter accounts for those involved in the food movement, or anyone who just wants to know more about the food system.

YPARD Builds Network of Young Professionals in Agricultural Research for Development

YPARD, the Young Professionals’ Platform for Agricultural Research for Development, is building a network to remedy the lack of youth in agriculture.

Food for 9 Billion: Multimedia partnership addresses challenges of feeding the world

Food for 9 Billion is a multimedia partnership that explores the challenges of feeding more than 9 billion people by 2050.

Community for Zero Hunger launches as multi-sector response to hunger

The Community for Zero Hunger launches today as an independent initiative to identify needs and gaps in fighting hunger.

The High Morality of Protecting the Ecosphere: Wes Jackson’s KU Commencement Speech

Founder of The Land Institute, Wes Jackson, delivers the KU commencement. High morality necessitates the protection of the ecosphere.

Food Hero: Allan Savory Fights Desertification with Holistic Management

In his TED Talk, Food Hero Allan Savory proposes holistic management as a means to reverse desertification, using large livestock herds to restore grasslands.

U.S. Food Waste Challenge: A new USDA and EPA partnership to reduce waste across the food system

The U.S. Food Waste Challenge is a public-private partnership seeking to reduce, recover, and recycle food waste.

Chicago Council: The challenges are immense, but our capacity is unlimited, says Secretary Vilsack

Live-blogging the Chicago Council Global Food Security Symposium: Keynote speech by Secretary Tom Vilsack

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