Suzy Honisett

Founder and Director, Beautiful Waste

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Suzy is Founder and Director of Beautiful Waste, an Australian social enterprise working with the hospitality industry to reduce food waste. Suzy has a Ph.D. and a Master of Public Health and is passionate about preventing and reducing food waste, obesity, and promoting sustainable food policy. Find her on social media: @BeautifulWaste1.

Nathaniel Mulcahy from WorldStove Talks about Clean Cooking Stoves

WorldStove’s clean stoves reduce indoor air pollution, and broader environmental impacts of wood fired cooking. They also help to decrease the number of deaths caused by air pollution from cooking fires.

Partnering with Traditional Land Owners for Harvesting Salt

Mount Zero Olive Grove, and the Barengi Gadjin Land Council, representing traditional landowners, have collaborated to respectfully hand harvest salt each year from a significant Aboriginal site.

OzHarvest: Rescuing Airline Food While Reducing Food Waste

Australian food rescue organization OzHarvest, is working with airlines, collecting uneaten airline food to feed vulnerable people and families and reduce food to landfill.

The Good Of The Hive founder, Matthew Willey, talks honeybees

Matthew Willey, founder of The Good Of The Hive initiative, has committed to personally paint 50,000 honeybees in murals around the world to raises awareness about their current struggle and population decline.

Is that a whale floating up the Hudson? No it’s Swale.

Swale is a collaborative floating food project dedicated to rethinking and challenging New York City’s connection to its environment.

What Does It Take To Feed A City? Melbourne’s Foodprint

A lot of land, water, and energy are needed to feed a city like Melbourne, and a significant amount of food waste and greenhouse gas emissions are generated as a result.

Interview with Dr. Nick Rose, Australian Food System Activist

Dr. Nick Rose, Executive Director of Sustain, talks to Food Tank about building a fair and resilient food system in Australia.

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