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Talia Ralph is journalist and editor with a passion for food and a commitment to journalistic integrity. She is currently pursuing my Masters in Food Studies at NYU Steinhardt, where she studies the social, economic, and health implications of American and global food systems. Talia spent two years writing and editing breaking international news for award-winning website GlobalPost, as well as founding and editing The Landing: a non-fiction magazine striving for the lofty goal of timeless storytelling on the Internet. She has also written for Vice, the Boston Globe, Flaunt Magazine, Roads & Kingdoms and Thought Catalog. Talia was born and raised in Montreal with a healthy appreciation for bilingualism and poutine. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with an honors degree in magazine journalism from Emerson College in Boston, and has since spent stints in Los Angeles, Lima, and Vermont. She now calls New York City’s Lower East Side home. Some of her life-long loves include, but are not limited to: hiking, my Burton Feelgood snowboard, Bikram yoga, hip-hop, marathon cooking sessions, and gut-punching documentaries.

Nine ways technology is Changing Hunger and Obesity

A round-up of nine ways technology is helping to fight the dual food issues of hunger and obesity.

Seeds Define the South’s Legacy

For the Southern Seed Legacy, seeds are the key to the region’s heritage.

“Open Sesame” Strives to Tell the Story of Seeds

One film sheds light on the story of seeds: thousand years of human history packed into less than an inch.

Sustainable Business: The Farmery Brings Grocery Store and Greenhouse Closer Together Than Ever

Imagine a grocery store that lets its customers pick fruits and veggies not from a bin, but from hydroponic vertical growing systems at the ends of the aisles.

Food Hero: Sandra Postel, Director of the Global Water Policy Project

Postel, Director of the Global Water Policy Project, has dedicated her life to educating and enlightening people about the issues that impact the water supply.

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