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Innovation for Sustainability: Bhungroo Boosts Incomes and Food Security for Women Farmers

Biplab Paul has developed a technique to improve crop irrigation in Gujaret, raising incomes by more than 1,000 percent within two years.

Women’s Farm and Forestry Alliance Helps Women Farmers Become Strong Businesswomen

A spotlight on the Women’s Farm and Forestry Alliance, a new program committed to using web-based modules to train women farm finances.

International Year of Family Farming: Training for Young Farmers Is Invaluable

Training programs like NFU’s Beginning Farmer Institute are invaluable educational resources that seek to provide support for the next generation of farmers.

Failure To Act: Missing Out on Opportunities for Development

An overview of some of the most egregious inactions that have contributed to a failure to solve the food crisis in 2012.

Discrimination Against Women: Far-Reaching Implications for Food Security

A report from the United Nations highlights key areas of development to decrease marginalization and improve food security for women.

International Year of Family Farming: Research Organizations Demand Responsible Farmland Investment

Investment in agricultural land has been increasing, and with it, social and environmental concerns.

Early Registration for 4th National Conference for Women in Sustainable Agriculture Closes October 1

The Fourth National Conference for Women in Sustainable Agriculture will take place November 6th-8th in Des Moines, Iowa.

International Year of Family Farming: Successes of Cover Cropping Explored in National Survey

The Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE) recently released a report outlining positive results from a survey on cover cropping practices.

The False Banana, Key to Food Security

Enset is a vital pulse crop in Ethiopia, contributing to food security through nutritional and caloric intake, as well as environmental sustainability.

Palm Oil: Business Boon, Environmental Bust

Consumption of palm oil is on the rise, but industry expansion poses threats of environmental damage and unethical labor practices.

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