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Zoya Teirstein graduated from NYU with a degree in Environmental Reporting and worked at amNewYork, Haaretz, and The Verge before coming to Food Tank. She is currently investigating conservative methods of environmentalism in America. Tips welcome @zteirstein.

This Company is Bringing Gardening into the 21st Century

These gardens come preloaded with your favorite meals

Tristram Stuart is Fighting Food Waste, 5000 Meals at a Time

Tristram Stuart and his organization Feedback are raising awareness about food waste, and making some delicious food along the way

Trump Signs New Executive Order Aimed at Agriculture Sector

Trump’s new executive order “Revitalize Agriculture and Promote Rural Prosperity” aims to increase economic viability of farmers and widen scope of exports.

Earth Day Video Premiere: “There Will Come a Day”

Amanda Homi’s new Earth Day-themed music video exclusively premieres on Food Tank.

Danielle Nierenberg Featured in Cooking Light’s 30 Faces of the New Healthy

Food Tank CEO Danielle Nierenberg makes it into Cooking Light’s 30 Faces of the New Healthy