Food Tank Wraps Up 2018 With Exciting News for 2019

    With ground-breaking Summits, reporting, podcasts, and more, Food Tank has gathered a highlight reel to celebrate the coming of the new year.

    To Protect the Planet, “We Have to Be Really Visionary,” Says Hauter

    On Food Talk, founder and Executive Director of Food & Water Watch talks about the importance of activism in the fight against climate change and solutions in the food system.

    Questlove and Haile Thomas Bring Nutrition Activism to All Communities

    On Food Talk, Questlove and Haile Thomas join Dani Nierenberg at the Second Annual NYC Food Tank Summit on Food Waste to talk about solutions to food waste and racism in the food system.

    “Food Is a Private Sector Endeavor,” Says Sam Kass

    “We need a pretty broad and ongoing shift in cultural norms around what we’re eating for our health and for environmental sustainability,” says Sam Kass on this week’s Food Talk.

    Food On A Plate Is More Than Ingredients: “It Starts With a Story”

    On Food Talk, Hari Pulapaka, chef, author, and math professor, talks about his goals to confront the food system at every level.

    Through Regenerative Agriculture, Dr. Bronner’s Is Setting a New Example

    “We want to make sure that everyone who is involved in the production of our raw materials… that those lives are being respected and that labor is not being exploited,” says David Bronner on Food Talk.

    Together, Business and Food Will Nourish Communities

    “Real food is food that we trust to nourish our bodies, food that we trust to nourish the farmer, and food that we trust to nourish the planet,” says Kimbal Musk on this week’s Food Talk.

    “Change the Narrative Around What We Thought About Food,” Says McQuillan

    On Food Talk, Thomas McQuillan, Vice President of Strategy, Culture, and Sustainability at Baldor Specialty Foods, talks about how to change the course of food waste.

    “Food Has to Be Really Good For Everyone Involved in the Food Chain”

    On Food Talk, Sara Brito talks about what better food means for the food system: “to be really good, food has to be really good for everyone involved in the food chain.”

    “Know That We’re Interconnected” In Fighting Farmer Poverty, Says Theyer

    On “Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg,” Executive Director of Fairtrade America Hans Theyer talks about what it takes to support the faces behind the world’s food.