Urban Farming in Downtown Las Vegas

Vegas Roots is working to bring together the diverse community of Las Vegas by growing organic produce and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Panera Bread Commits to Cage-Free Eggs by 2020

Panera Bread will phase out cages from its egg supply chains by 2020.

Agricultural Growth Corridors Proposed in Dakar

Senegal may convert large areas of land to agriculture through a growth corridor concept.

Healthy Habits for Life: Minneapolis School Kids Engage with Foods Hands-On

Midwest Food Connection uses both classroom and hands-on curriculum to teach Minneapolis school kids about healthy eating choices.

Building a Vibrant Food System and Bolstering Local Economies

Wholesome Wave is inspiring underserved communities to make healthier food choices.

Tell the Presidential Candidates to Devise a National Food Policy

Demand a National Food Policy to save farms, protect public health, and reduce inequality in the food system.

Connecting Farmers and Ranchers to Promote the Sharing of Sustainability Efforts

AgChat Foundation connects farmers and ranchers through social media to promote the sharing of knowledge and agriculture advocacy.

Community-Based Food Rescue Programs Providing a Solution to Hunger and Food Waste

Table to Table uses community-based programs to rescue edible food waste and distribute meals to hungry families through partner organizations.

Harvesting the Research: Natural Enemies of Crop Pests Can Replace Insecticides

Dr. Mattias Jonsson discusses the power of biological pest control to reduce the use of insecticides.