What Does It Take To Feed A City? Melbourne’s Foodprint

A lot of land, water, and energy are needed to feed a city like Melbourne, and a significant amount of food waste and greenhouse gas emissions are generated as a result.

Ten Questions with Fred Kirschenmann, Distinguished Fellow at Leopold Center

Food Tank had the chance to speak with Fred Kirschenmann, Distinguished Fellow at the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, who will be speaking at this year’s Food Tank Summit in Chicago.

Twenty Magazines for People Who Eat, Cook, or Grow

These 19 magazines offer stories, news, and research on the latest food and agriculture news.

Ten Questions with Jonathan Pereira, Executive Director of Plant Chicago

Food Tank recently had the chance to speak with Jonathan Pereira of Plant Chicago, who will be speaking at the upcoming Chicago Summit.

A Solution to California’s Drought?

Stanford’s study is particularly significant in light of the four-year drought the state of California has endured.

Who Should be the Next Secretary of Agriculture?

Here are Food Tank’s top choices for the next Secretary of Agriculture.

Kenyan Farmers Embark on 4-day Resilience Journey to Demand Investment in Ecological Farming

Thirty farmers set off on a journey to fight for what they believe in: healthy, sustainable, profitable farming.

At Purple Kale Kitchenworks, Zero-Waste Home Cooking Is an Achievable Goal

Ronna Welsh at work in her kitchen studio, Purple Kale Kitchenworks, where she organizes cooking classes, pop-ups, and culinary initiatives to promote ingredient-driven cooking and reduce food waste.

Penn State’s PlantVillage Forum is Making Crop Information Free and Accessible

Penn State’s PlantVillage, an online forum, provides free access to information about plants and plant disease and provides a database of information about a crop’s description, use, and propagation.

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