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Research and Communications Intern

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Allyn is a Research and Communications Intern with Food Tank. A senior at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., Allyn is majoring in Health Policy with a concentration on food and nutrition policy. She has a passion for food systems reform and believes in the integral role of policy in achieving such reform. She is particularly interested in childhood obesity prevention and the alleviation of childhood hunger.  Next fall, she will be pursuing a JD/MPH.

Twelve Organizations Promoting Urban Agriculture around the World

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) defines urban agriculture as “the growing of plants and the raising of animals within and around cities” to provide fresh food, generate employment, recycle waste, and strengthen cities’ resilience to…

Americans Feel Guilty about Food Waste, but Still Throw Away Food

Only about half of all Americans are aware that food waste is a problem.

An Interview with Dr. Adam Drewnowski, Obesity and Health Disparities Researcher

Dr. Adam Drewnowski, Director of the Center for Public Health Nutrition at the University of Washington’s School of Public Health, has researched the relationship between climate change and obesity. He spoke with Food tank about this relationship.

Penn State’s PlantVillage Forum is Making Crop Information Free and Accessible

Penn State’s PlantVillage, an online forum, provides free access to information about plants and plant disease and provides a database of information about a crop’s description, use, and propagation.

Meghan Carreau is Making School Lunch More Nutritious—and Fun!

Food Tank spoke with Meghan Carreau, the founder of the new kid-centric meal delivery service, TuckrBox.

Five Questions with JoAnne Berkenkamp, Food Waste Expert and Advocate

Food Tank spoke with JoAnne Berkenkamp, a Senior Advocate in the Food & Agriculture Program at the NRDC, about the problem of food waste.

The World Resources Institute and Reforming the Food System

The World Resources Institute has launched several innovative initiatives to ensure we can feed more than nine billion people by 2050.

35 Food Education Organizations

Food Tank has put together a list of organizations providing food and nutrition education to children across the world.

Conscious Food Consumption at Berlin’s Restlos Glücklich

Berlin\’92s Restlos Gl\’fccklich utilizes education and example to foster conscious food consumption and stronger food appreciation.

Five Questions with Tony Hillery, Founder of Harlem Grown

Food Tank spoke with Tony Hillery, the founder of Harlem Grown, about his organization\’92s mission to inspire youth to live healthy, ambitious lives.

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