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Amelia Keleher is a Food Tank Research & Writing Fellow based out of Portland, ME. Her undergraduate coursework and community-engaged learning explored food and/as social justice at Bates College, where she majored in American Cultural Studies. Amelia grew up raising dairy goats along the Rio Grande in Corrales, NM and spent eight years living abroad in The Netherlands. Since then, she has worked on several farms in northern Spain and is currently continuing to explore the many Maine farms and nonprofits seeking to build a more equitable and sustainable food system. She is particularly passionate about regenerative agriculture, food access and food security, and the unique personal and collective narratives told through food.

Organic Food & Farming Report Outlines Opportunities for the Farm Bill

A newly released report details the benefits of organic farming and outlines strategies to expand organic agriculture practices through the 2023 Farm Bill.

WWF Identifies 20 Key Actions to Transform the Global Food System

WWF released a new report and platform that outlines key actions for transforming global food systems and meeting climate goals.

Raising Sustainability and Gender Standards Across Asia’s Seafood Industry

The Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative (ASIC) seeks to empower Asian seafood producers, processors, and distributors by establishing place-based social and environmental standards.

Get Schools Cooking Grant Brings Whole, Sustainable Foods to Schools

A three-year grant program established by the Chef Ann Foundation helps schools serve sustainable and scratch-cooked meals.

A New Food Bill of Rights: Why Representation Matters

WANDA’s Founder argues that representation is critical to building an intersectional food policy framework and a new food bill of rights that is equitable, resilient and sustainable.

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