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Amelia Keleher is a Food Tank Research & Writing Fellow based out of Portland, ME. Her undergraduate coursework and community-engaged learning explored food and/as social justice at Bates College, where she majored in American Cultural Studies. Amelia grew up raising dairy goats along the Rio Grande in Corrales, NM and spent eight years living abroad in The Netherlands. Since then, she has worked on several farms in northern Spain and is currently continuing to explore the many Maine farms and nonprofits seeking to build a more equitable and sustainable food system. She is particularly passionate about regenerative agriculture, food access and food security, and the unique personal and collective narratives told through food.

The Supreme Court’s ICWA Ruling Impacts Food Sovereignty: Here’s Why

Knowledge sharing that promotes food sovereignty can offer a path toward food and nutrition security while also supporting education, economic mobility, and financial stability, advocates say.

Facilitating Equitable Farmland Access

Individuals and communities are working to transform relationships to land and address systemic barriers to farmland access and management.

Migrant Youth Education Programs Center Student Identity and Culture

Mano en Mano migrant youth education programs center student identity and culture, and are guided by community and student voices.

New ‘Spray-On Wrapper’ Offers Plastic-Free Food Packaging Alternative

Scientists at Rutgers and Harvard University have developed a spray-on, biodegradable food wrapper to address environmental pollution and food waste.

123 Food and Agriculture Organizations to Watch in 2023

Keep an eye on these 123 organizations that are pushing for better food and agriculture systems.

Coffee Shop Workers in Maine Form a Union, Reflecting Nationwide Movement

A coffee shop in Brunswick is one of the latest foodservice establishments to form a union in Maine.

Expanding Halal Options to Meet Student Needs

Community initiatives advocate for more halal options in K-12 schools to meet student needs and address food insecurity.

SDG2 Advocacy Hub Launches Two Anti-Hunger Campaigns at COP27

Advocates say that urgent reform is needed to address the global hunger and climate crises. Two campaigns launched at COP27 outline important interventions.

Sustainable Aquatic Food Systems for Climate Resilience

The role of aquatic foods and water management is crucial to developing more resilient communities and mitigating the climate crisis.

Voters in Portland, ME to Decide Whether to Raise Wages for Workers

Voters In Portland, ME will decide whether to eliminate the subminimum wage for tipped workers and raise wages across the foodservice industry.

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