Ana-Christina Gaeta
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Ana-Christina is an environmental advocate and writer, passionate about advancing sustainable food systems and promoting plant-based nutrition. Since gaining her BA in Anthropology and MSc in Development, AC has worked in the world of environmental nonprofits. In her last job she was based in Brussels advocating for more ambitious climate legislation at EU level. She also has experience carrying out fieldwork research in the Philippines, Mexico, and Peru.

You can Farm Anywhere, Even Inside a Shopping Mall

Startup company BeGreen is reducing food waste and creating access to healthy food by farming inside a shopping center in Brazil

This is the Story of a Soap Company that is Changing the World

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap is creating new markets for Fair Trade Organic products, and practicing dynamic agroforestry.

The European Union aims to halve food waste by 2030

On April 18, 2018 the European Union passed the first ever European-wide legislation on food waste.

What does a Plan B For Europe’s fragmented food system look like?

Key food and agriculture stakeholders are working together to develop an integrated food policy for Europe, intended to bridge the gaps of the EU’s fragmented food system

Can Organic Soil Help Mitigate Climate Change?

A new study comparing the carbon sequestering potential of organic soil vs. soil from conventional farming reveals that organic soil is able to store significantly larger amounts of carbon for longer. Can organic farming help combat climate change?

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