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Brett is a graduate from the Heller School at Brandeis University, where he studied Sustainable International Development. He now works for ACDI/VOCA, where he does operational support for food security projects throughout the world. His interests include agricultural technologies and management practices that support sustainable livelihood development, food waste reduction strategies, culinary history, and the power of gardens and farms to bring communities together.

Flower Power: Saffron Captivates the Senses

Saffron’s flavor, fragrance, and color liven up foods and brighten up clothing throughout the world. It has also been valued for its medicinal properties.

Indigenous Crop: Mesquite—Ancient Flour of the Future

Mesquite has a long history of usage by Native-Americans, but is only recently being rediscovered for its tasty flour and nutritional benefits.

Indigenous Crop: The Cape Gooseberry, a Hardy and Healthy Fruit Throughout the World

The cape gooseberry’s pleasant taste makes it a healthy addition to sweet and savory dishes. This hardy fruit also has potential to jumpstart micro-enterprises.

Innovation for Sustainability: Prized Worldwide- The Neem Tree Finds a Niche Around the World

Societies all over the world have found uses for the neem tree, especially as a natural pesticide and fertilizer in agro-ecological systems and as a medicine.

Innovation for Sustainability: Chicken Tractors, a Simple Innovation with a Big Payoff

The chicken tractor is a sustainable, humane, cost-effective, and fun way for farmers to integrate chickens into an agro-ecological system.

Going Against the Grain to Use Less Water: Rice Farmers Experiment with Direct-Seeded Rice

In these water-scarce times, direct-seeded rice can help farmers reduce water and labor inputs while maintaining or even improving rice yields.

Turning Waste Into Wealth: Using Vermicompost to Improve Soils and Improve Waste Management

Vermicomposting can be a useful waste management technique that yields nutrient-rich compost for farmers and gardeners and helps to keep waste out of landfills.

The Great Green Wall of Africa: Greening the Sahel to Turn Back the Tide of Desertification

The Great Green Wall is a bold effort to re-forest thousands of kilometers of land in the Sahel while developing local economies and reversing desertification.

Indigenous Crop: Passion Fruit— Living Up to Its Name in Gardens and Kitchens throughout the World

Passion fruit is a sweet, tart, and aromatic fruit that pleases the culinary senses of those lucky enough to consume it.

Indigenous Crop: Teff- Ancient Crop with Modern Potential

Teff, a staple grain in Ethiopia, is a highly nutritious and hardy grain which has potential to help improve food security throughout the developing world.

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