Brianna Marshall
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Brianna is a recent graduate of Bucknell University. She was a Fall 2015 HungerU Crew Member and is now currently interning at One Acre Fund. Brianna hopes to contribute to the future of food through a career in food law and policy.

How Bananas are Helping One Farmer Achieve His Dreams

Bananas have always been a big part of Japhet Bizimungu’s life.

Eating City Discusses the Future of Food in an Urban World

Eating City is working to find solutions to improve food accessibility in an increasingly urbanized world.

This Holiday Season, 3 Farmers Struggling with Food Insecurity Remind Us to Give Thanks

Smallholder farmers in Africa tell the story of what it’s like to grapple with food insecurity, including their favorite dishes to cook from their crops.

From Greenhouse to Supermarket: BrightFarms CEO Paul Lightfoot Discusses the Future of Local Food

BrightFarms CEO Paul Lightfoot discusses large-scale production and distribution of local foods for the greater public.

Strengthening Farming Communities from the Ground Up: An Interview with Groundswell International

Food Tank discusses Groundswell International’s sustainable farming efforts with CEO Steve Brescia.

India, Religious Divides, and the Fight Against Hunger

Indian officials fight against egg distribution for the country’s malnourished poor.

World Leaders to Seek Global Warming Solutions at COP 21

Global climate discussions will take place later this year in Paris, France, at COP 21.

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