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Gigi Morris is a Las Vegas-based fashion design and apparel professional. Her family moved to the Philippines while her husband, Bob Morris, was teaching agricultural production internationally. Gigi made a personal segue into farming and devoted her time raising their two boys. She developed MOCA Farm, an ecologically–friendly, sustainable family farm in Batangas, Philippines. Gigi applied her education and experience in marketing high end fashion to their family farm business believing that the principles of marketing and production can be applied to any industry. Together with other small farm owners in Batangas, Philippines, she is busy promoting agritourism activities and training fellow small farm owners how to conduct agritourism and agri-culinary activities. She is passionate about her campaign for local food. Her trendsetting ideas in promoting the farm to fork concept earned her the moniker, The Forksetter.

A Love Affair with Roselle

Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) is a plant of many uses; culinary and nonculinary.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice Is What This Farmer is Made of

Together with other local family farmers, Maila offers agri-culinary tours showcasing local food, native delicacies combined with a farm experience.

Family Farmers in the Philippines Knock at Hotel Door

Doing business in the Philippines can be different, especially when trying to introduce a totally new concept- Farm to Hotel marketing.

Will the Farmers meet the Hoteliers?

We all know the term farm to table, but have you considered farm to hotel? It’s something hoteliers around the world should consider.

Papaya for Haiya: Philippine Farmers Post-Taiphoon

Local family farm set up a pickling day- Operation: Papaya for Haiyan- to produce jars of pickled papaya to be sold with proceeds to benefit victims of Haiyan!

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