Gracie Foxwell
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Gracie and her husband Andrew co-direct the social media advisory firm Foxwell Digital. in Madison, Wisconsin. After graduating cum laude from Saint Mary’s College in 2007, Gracie joined the Foreign Policy program at The Brookings Institution. There she wrote and edited grant proposals for the $25 million program and successfully solicited new funding from major foundations, U.S. and foreign governments, and various Fortune 500 corporations. Following her years at Brookings, Gracie worked as a strategic partnerships officer at The Keystone Science School, a Colorado-based non-profit focused on environmental education. Gracie’s interests include traveling, collecting new cookbooks, and enjoying most any glass of Pinot Noir.

Safe, Not Sorry

While it may arguably be the cheapest, is American food actually the safest?

The Least of Your Problems

Alan Guebert explains how America’s beef industry continues to go shockingly unchecked, while American consumers continue to bear the brunt.

A “miraculous” Farm Bill? Not even close.

Syndicated columnist Alan Guebert explains why the 2014 Farm Bill is far from perfect–even far from mediocre.

Alan Guebert Dissects SNAP “Errors and Fraud”

Alan Guebert breaks down the tired political talking points and innacurate rhetoric about SNAP “errors and fraud.”

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