Jacqueline Covey
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Jacqueline Covey is an intern with Food Tank. She recently received her master's in agriculture and food law and policy at Vermont Law School. She has a passion for providing the public with information and stories on agriculture. She is a career journalist in rural communities and loves stories from the field.

Family First on Engelbrecht Farms

On Engelbrecht Family Farm, sustainable practices and ethical livestock raising practices maintain resources for future generations.

Snacking for Wellbeing with Mondelēz’s Chris McGrath

Chris McGrath of Mondelēz foods talks with Food Tank’s Dani Nierenberg on the role large companies play in advancing healthy snacking.

Proposed Bill May Aide Small-, Medium-Sized Farms

Senator Cory Booker’s Farm System Reform Act legislation may shake-up CAFOs and provide a fair living to family-led farms. 

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