Judy Bankman
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Judy Bankman is a public health professional and freelance writer focusing on the intersection of agriculture, health, and the environment. She is especially interested in regenerative agriculture and innovative food entrepreneurship. Her work has been published by Civil Eats, The New Food Economy, Brighter Green, The Food Climate Research Network, and China Dialogue.

GreenWave Works to Restore Oceans all over the Globe while Creating Jobs and a Market for Seaweed

Bren Smith is a self-proclaimed “huge fan of bundles of solutions.” To a large extent, this means making the connection between land and sea instead of simply viewing the ocean as a new frontier.

Junk Food Marketing Makes Big Moves in Developing Countries

While people in all countries are vulnerable to junk food marketing, developing countries might be facing the worst of it.

South Africa: Despite Coke and KFC, New Pathways to Food Security and Food Justice?

South Africa’s urbanization has increased its citizens’ consumption of fast food and soda, creating many diet-related health problems.

Western Fast Food Chains Flourish in China, Rates of Obesity and Diabetes Skyrocket

As Western fast food grows more prevalent in China, so do rates of diabetes and excessive weight gain among children and adolescents.

Mexico: Public Health, Rising Obesity and the NAFTA Effect

Guest author Judy Bankman illustrates how Mexico, like many other developing countries in the global South, is currently going through a nutrition transition.

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